Please help, detailed steps to upgrade from Kibana 3 to 4.1.1


I can't find any upgrade documents anywhere.

So I have upgraded Logstash and ES using the deb and apt-get respectively.

I have downloaded and extracted the kibana 4.1.1 tar.gz and now I am stuck.

It looks like 4.x has it's own web server now, so I don't want to be using nginx anymore, I currently access kibana on the internet through https?

I just have a basic, essentially default dashboard.

Please help.


You can still use nginx as a reverse proxy fronting Kibana, but with Kibana 4 you don't need a separate web server to serve static files as is required in Kibana 3.

Since K4 is a completely different beast from K3 I don't think it's very relevant to talk about an upgrade. Think of it as a new piece of software.

Plus dashboards aren't compatible, you need to rebuild them.