Is it viable to create a ElasticSearch user for each customer? And indexes?

We are pondering in creating one user in elasticsearch & kibana for each of our customers through the api and also creating a unique index for them, ie: somedata12345, somedata54321, where the 12345 would be the user ID in our system.
With that, we can also create visualizations to embed in our website.


  1. Does this make sense? Or are we trying to do something that ELK is not supposed to do?
  2. Is it possible to protect one customer from seeing other customer(user) visualization? (I've seen some articles here and there that it should be able to authenticate users to kibana's visualization through nginx reverse proxy)

It typically works for small number of users but tend to scale badly.

do you have a suggestion?
Maybe create the user when it log into my system and then erase it when the session expires?

What is the use case? How many users do you need to support?

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