Is Kabana able to deal with an index of 2 billions docs?

(Mohamed Moustapha Diouf) #1

I'm using kibana since some years. Good product and I'm sure the best is coming.
We hava a index with 2 billion documents and it'll continue growing. At the begining, when we just had hundruds on millions kibana was faster. But now, we got 2 billions, can't no more visualize our data. It keep loading again and again until timeout. I've increase de default timeout to 60 sec but the samething. We have one instance of Kibana in a box with 16 Go. Any Idea?

(Mark Walkom) #2

KB is only as fast as ES, so I'd suggest your problems actually lie there.
Are you monitoring ES with Marvel, orsimilar?

(Mohamed Moustapha Diouf) #3

Thanks for you reply.
Marvel since 3 weeks can't find any data. So I'm using api for monitoring the cluster.

(Mark Walkom) #4

What, why? Has your license expired?

(system) #5