Is Kabana able to deal with an index of 2 billions docs?

I'm using kibana since some years. Good product and I'm sure the best is coming.
We hava a index with 2 billion documents and it'll continue growing. At the begining, when we just had hundruds on millions kibana was faster. But now, we got 2 billions, can't no more visualize our data. It keep loading again and again until timeout. I've increase de default timeout to 60 sec but the samething. We have one instance of Kibana in a box with 16 Go. Any Idea?

KB is only as fast as ES, so I'd suggest your problems actually lie there.
Are you monitoring ES with Marvel, orsimilar?

Thanks for you reply.
Marvel since 3 weeks can't find any data. So I'm using api for monitoring the cluster.

What, why? Has your license expired?