Kibana 4 Running ordinary search so so slow

Hi is there any one can help me this issue?

How come Kibana 4 Running ordinary search so so slow, I use the apache access logs for the raw data, I just search the goolebot and load last 60 days, it actually really take a long time. I am crazy.

I am wondering if I need to figure out the elastic index or query problem?


KB just reads from ES, so if it is slow then it's likely ES is having issues.

Are you monitoring your stack?

Thanks for you reply. I am wondering what is the monitor you refer to? Any plugins, cause we just use one node, so I am unsure if it is doable for the monitor? Thanks again.

Check out Marvel -

Thanks, any free plugin that can be instead of Marvel, I think it is a pricing tool.

Marvel is free.

only Marvel 2.X is free to use right? Marvel for ESCluster 1.X still require license.

Hi @warkolm Thanks for your help, I think I have already figured out how to install Marvel at the ELK.
just see the data, I am unsure if i need to increase the nodes or clusters, cause to search one item at Kibana, it loading so slowly.

Cluster: elasticsearchStatus: YellowNodes: 1Indices: 51Memory: 765MB / 4GBTotal Shards: 438Unassigned Shards: 219Documents: 194,253,753Data: 127GBUptime: 6 minutesVersion: 2.1.0

It requires a license, but it's a free license.

What is the load on the system like?

it should always take more than 1 min to load the data, if I select year to date and then i search agent:googlebot AND response:404, that is what i am getting trouble. I am unsure what is the good level from the Marvel, in terms of the speed for searching the data by Kibana search box, it is not a good idea. Thanks for the reply. Very Appreciated.

It sounds like you are overloading your cluster, running a query over a years worth of data is likely to be slow given you only have 4GB of heap.

Try giving more resources to your cluster.

Sounds good, I am going to consider doing these things

  1. add nodes;
  2. add clusters;
  3. add more resources to the cluster as you mentioned, it is said that 4GB memory to 16 GB

any helpful doing so?

btw, what is the i ideal time response in general for running 1 year data with the AND search query ? Thanks :)

That depends on too many things to say.

OK, i will do some more research and Thank you again. :grinning:

It slows because Kibana is using msearch, mean searches in parallel . You can see an AJAX call to "/elasticsearch/_msearch".

You need lot of RAM on the node.