Is in 5.6.1 or has it changed

(Dallas Toth) #1

In the official Kibana Docker using docker-compose
i have
LOGGING_EVENTS_LOGS: "['warning', 'error', 'fatal']"
But it isn't doing it's job I am still getting a ton of records in the logs.

What I am really after is just getting the logs that have no tags which are kibana web access related logs
"tags": [] and if possible the others above. ['warning', 'error', 'fatal'].

I seen a post that this was available in 5.4.x
Has this changed for 5.6.1 or is this an issue with the kibana docker not supporting it?

(Chris Roberson) #2

Hi @Dallas_Toth,

Can you link me to the post that talked about this in 5.4?


(Dallas Toth) #3

This is the post.

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