Is Prune Supported on 5.0?

Wondering if Prune filter is still supported on logstash 5.0? Looks like it requires lower version of logstash.

In Gemfile:
logstash-filter-prune (>= 0) java depends on
logstash (< 2.0.0, >= 1.4.0) java
Could not find gem 'logstash (< 2.0.0, >= 1.4.0) java', which is required by gem 'logstash-filter-prune (>= 0) java', in any of the sources.

The prune filter hasn't yet been adapted to the new event API. I expect this will happen before the final 5.0 release.

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What else common plugins are also not supported for now?

You can track the issue below.

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Just to confirm i could neither use mutate-split as well?

It keeps give me below error when i add back in split filter:

An unexpected error occurred! {:error=>#<NoMethodError:undefined method `eventget' for #<LogStash::Filters::Mutate:0x799f2600}
(neglected other error details)

That's a bug that was fixed in v3.1.2 of the mutate plugin.

I still can't install prune plugin. Any updates? THANKS!

The thing that's blocking 5.0-adaptation of the prune filter is this issue: