Is static lookup supported in tsvb?

I'm using Kibana version 7.13.2,
I'm formatting a field say currency using "Static Lookup", where I map currency value "EUR" to "Europe".

I want to view the formatted field value in the TSVB table, but I'm not able to view the formatted field in the table..

Am I going wrong anywhere or is static lookup not supported in TSVB? Please let me know..

Hey @BitBucketUser_user! You are not doing something wrong. TSVB doesn't support custom formatters yet. There is an open issue that you can track to check the status [TSVB] Support custom field format · Issue #97213 · elastic/kibana · GitHub.
We are actually working on it now and is going to be supported in future releases, most probable one is the 7.15

Thanks for the confirmation! :grinning:

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