Is there a character limitation in vega Editor?

When I pressed button "Apply changes" on vega graph, my page turned into below and it says "25000 characters for your safety".

What actually happens when the number of characters above 25000 in vega Editor?

Hey, the problem is not the vega editor itself but the way how Kibana does state management. You probably already noticed the very long URLs in the address bar when navigating around in Kibana.

That's because Kibana is always putting the complete state of the current view in there - if you are on a dashboard, it will store all visualizations and there panel positions in there and when editing a vega visualization, the vega spec will be reflected there. This approach has a bunch of advantages (e.g. the back button works as expected from desktop apps like Word) but it becomes a problem when the URL gets too long - the limit is high but especially with vega spec it's still possible to hit it.

In this area some browsers don't work correctly anymore because they only reserve a fixed amount of memory for the current URL - it can even lead to Kibana becoming completely unusable.

To work around this you can do what's explained in the screenshot - go to advanced settings and enable state:storeInSessionStorage to move the state management to the session storage which can deal with the amount of data stored.

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