Is there a log that contains only the final score of a previously run race?

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I am currently running the latest rally on an AWS EC2 Instance. I'm wondering if there exists a directory or log file which contains only the results of a recently run race. The reason I find this necessary is because I am currently piping the output of the results into a text file, then sending it to my email, but this method generates an extremely large text file (of many useless lines of information). Is there an output location that stores a benchmark result?

To be very specific:
I require only the metrics store FINAL SCORE of my race.

(Daniel Mitterdorfer) #2

Hi @khou,

you can use the parameters --report-file and --report-format for this purpose (see the command line reference).

Note that Rally can also write all metrics directly to an Elasticsearch metrics store.


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Awesome! Thank you!

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