Is there a node limit on the Basic licence? of 7.7

A colleague told me that when moving from Elastic 5.6 to 6.8 that the basic licence didn't work as we had more than 100 nodes (on premise). I don't have access to the actual message.
Is this correct as I'm investigating 7.7 features and would like to recommend Basic. I've not been able to find anything out about this limitation.

Thanks in advance

I believe that there is no limit. 100 nodes is a big cluster and it'll take some care and feeding but shouldn't require a different license.

Thanks for the reply nik9000, much appreciated.
Anyone else heard of that limit, I asked the person again and he was pretty sure that the upgrade was related to a limit on nodes

I do not think there is a limit, but wonder if trial licenses didn’t use to state a 100 node limit. Am unsure about that though.

much appreciated Christian

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