Is there a save to ssave configurations , boosts , curation in a Config


Is there any possible way we can save all the curations, boosts, anylitics and record in case we start another or bigger server setup so all our congigraion will be applied to new setup.

Kindly mention if there is any config file for this.

Thanks in advance

Seems duplicate

Hi @kabilsharma,

There is no config file for this. You could use APIs as suggested in the post you linked. Other than that, the process for exporting and importing individual result customizations would have to be manual due to it being a fresh set of documents and we pin on document IDs.

It's possible you could use Elasticsearch snapshots to migrate all data (not only configs). If you choose to do so, make sure to enable Read-only mode for the snapshot to be consistent.

Hope it helps!

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