Migrate Enterprise Search (Workplace and App Search) configuration between different environments (dev->test->stage->prod)


I am planning a deployment process for Enterprise Search between different environments, starting at development and finalizing at production.

My question is, how can I transport the all my configurations (App Search Engines, Crawler configurations, App Search configuration, Workplace Search connector and custom API config and many more) easy and with as low manual interaction as possible.

In Lucidworks Fusion there is an Config Objects API. Objects API | Fusion 4.2 | Lucidworks Documentation It allows to export and to import configurations.

I know the Saved Objects from Kibana: Manage saved objects | Kibana Guide [8.6] | Elastic But it seems that Enterprise Search config is not part.

I am very interested on your ideas.

Tanks and best regards


Hi @sebastianboelling

There isn't a best practice that we have set around how to import / export App search configuration to different environments. We will try and provide a best practice doc soon about this.

In meantime. the community have provided a way to import / export via CLI tool. This might help GitHub - richkuz/entsporter: An import export tool for Elastic App Search engine settings


Hi @joemcelroy,

thanks for your reply. I will check out the CLI tool and I'm really looking forward to the best practice document.



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