Is there a way to color every other row in Discover or the Search Object?

I find the discover page very hard to read when I have a lot of data in an index. Is there a an easy line(s) I can edit in Kibana 4's code to make every other row a light gray or something so that the differentiation between rows is more noticeable? If it's easier to do with the search visualization on the dashboard I'm fine with that as well. I assume this is fairly easy to do but kibana's code base is large and I'm not familiar enough with where everything is just yet.


Sure, you could use the ngClassOdd directive in the code that generates the <tr> element for each row in the Discover doc table:

This sounds like a nice feature to have in Kibana. If you end up implementing it, would you mind submitting a pull request? Here's a bit more information on how to contribute code to Kibana:

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Thank you for your advice. I followed This tutorial to add the necessary changes with great results. This is far more readable. I will attempt to follow the pull request process. Thanks again!