Is there a way to configure Multiple Log Streams by distinct Index Name?

I have been using logtrail till version 7.9.0, but the plugin provider didn't re-wrote the code to comply with the latest version.

As there is a streams availabe within Kibana now, is there a way to define multiple streams for different distinct Indices?

As in logtrail, we were able to populate different logs from every distinct index pattern, and were able to configure a seperate stream like setting for each distinct Index Pattern. I am looking if I can use streams instead of logtrail Plugin.

As of today, we can configure only one Index Pattern for the Log Streams, which makes it difficult to distinguish logs from different Indices, which may be coming from e.g. Apache, websphere, MQ and each stored in its own index with a distinct Index Name.

You can set the event.dataset field to something like apache, websphere, etc. to differ between log streams. Using the query bar, you can either filter down to a specific dataset or list them all.

Hi Felix,

Thanks for the response. I am not able to find where do i set that field value. Below is all I see in Kibana console under Stream Setting. Could you please help with more details where can I set that field?

You should be able to just add it to the log columns but it should be there by default.
This is how it looks like for me:

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