Is there a way to disable source mapping in fleet-managed APM?

Hi, I'm looking to disable to source.mapping in fleet-managed APM.

Our APM is currently trying to read source maps of logs which do not have a source map, causing stack traces to be filled with ""error": unable to find sourcemap.url".

We would like to disable the source. mapping. In the documentation it is mentioned this is possible in the APM server binary

but it is not mentioned for fleet-managed APM, which we are using (Elastic Cloud 8.12).

Is it possible to disable the source mapping for fleet-managed APM?
Any insights are much appreciated.

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Hi @Overl0rd,

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Unfortunately, it's not included in the APM Integration UI. I have opened an improvement issue in the Kibana repository to include it in a future release APM: Add Source Map enabled/disabled toggling in Fleet Integration UI. · Issue #175362 · elastic/kibana · GitHub.

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