Is there any option to implement the Authentication or Role based access without X-pack in the latest Kibana 6.4

I have installed the latest kibana and Elastic search 6.4.3 versions. While installing by default we got the X-pack feature which we use it to implement the Authentication or Role-based access. But, Is there any option to implement this authentication without X-pack?

Hey @Sunil_Edupuganti, there are a few alternate solutions out there, but X-Pack is definitely what we recommend. Is your hesitation to using x-pack the pricing? Have you evaluated using our hosted version of Elasticsearch Service which comes with X-Pack?

Yeah, we are in the process of evaluation. Actually we have implemented the authentication using X-Pack. But we are thinking about its cost. That's the reason we are looking for an alternative instead of X-Pack.

Could you please tell me, Is there any other alternative?

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