Is there any patch available to make kibana 4.1.3 work with elasticsearch 2.2.1


My data is getting stored in elasticsearch 2.2.1. Due to some reasons, I can use kibana 4.1.3 only. It is able to load visualizations and dashboard properly. But in "Discover" tab it throws following error.

I think it is not able to load date histogram and raw data. Is there any plugin or patch available to make kibana 4.1.3 query to elasticsearch and load data in discover tab?

(Christian Dahlqvist) #2

According to the the support matrix Elasticsearch 2.2 is only compatible with Kibana 4.4. I am not aware of any patches as there are a lot of differences between ES 1.7 and ES 2.2. Why can you not upgrade Kibana?

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