Is it possible to run a version of Kibana on Elasticsearch 1.3.2?

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Hi everyone! I am new to the community. In my company, I have been tasked with troubleshooting and documenting how Elasticsearch works in our browser-based product.

My early challenge is with Kibana. For whatever reason, we are running an oooold version of Elasticsearch (1.3.2). When I tried to get Kibana running, it requested that Elasticsearch be of version 6 at least.

I am curious to know if anybody has gotten Kibana running successfully on ancient versions of Elasticsearch.


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Kibana 3.1.x was compatible with that 1.3 version of ES. Neither that ES and Kibana version are supported anymore.

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Huge thanks! I'll give this a go. I understand it isn't supported. Hopefully we can get ourselves up-to-date sooner rather than later.

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