Is there any way to count two similar elements together in kibana visualization?


I'm curious if similar elements in the field are counted together in kibana visualization, like:

In the field "request" there are two kinds of values

- "" (count: 10)
- "" (count : 10)

I wanna aggregate these two values together in kibana table visualization
with value name

 "" (count: 20)

Is it possible?

Thank you :slight_smile:

You can for sure in Vega.

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You should be able to do this with a filter, on a standard visualisation, as well.

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I tried to use a filter on a table visualization , and my query seems to be something wrong.
It always count all requests ignoring the filter.

What is wrong..? could you help me?

This picture shows all kinds of requests in the index and total count is 67677

and I applied a filter query catching requests including "/data_lake/api/v1/market_category/matching_result"
on a json input and total count is same as first one.
(correct result is 67667)

total 67667
/data_lake/api/v1/market_category/matching_result : 67663
/data_lake/api/v1/market_category/matching_result?api_key=airnd : 4

        "filters" : {
          "request1" :   { 
            "query_string" : { 
                "request : /(//data_lake//api//v1//market_category//matching_result).*/"   

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