Is there any way to set the priority of Visualization

Hello Everyone :slight_smile: Good day!
May I please take a few minutes of your time?

I`m trying to visualize the avg response time of my api.
But i met a problem.
'url' is api filed,and 'responseTime' is the response time.
There are 10 logs ,9 of them is less than 100ms, but 1 cost 10000ms.
Then the avg time of these 10 logs is very high.

Is there any way that i can only visualize the 95% logs?
I wanna know is the api really cost so much time or not.

Is that 10th log a really large index? If you don't need the values from that log in your avg response time agg, you can just change your index pattern to one that doesn't include that log.

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