Trends analysis of logs for one hour

Hi folks,
I want to do the trends analyzes for the server response time in the logs for a particular url but in kibana i am not getting any option to do this.

Are you just trying to see trends about the response time for the given URL? Are you tracking response times in the logs, or just the request and response timestamps?

If you are tracking the time in the documents as you index them, you can do this pretty easily using a range aggregation on that field, and adding a filter for the URL you want to check.

If you are only tracking timestamps, you'll need to use a scripted field to calculate the duration first.

Thanks for the reply
I am having the response time in the document itself but issue with me is that while plotting the graph i am getting the option of aggregation on the y axis .In which there is option of sum,count,average..
so i am not able to plot all the data point on the graph.

There's two ways to do this.

As you note, you could plot the average response time, and watch for trends where the response time increases. However, this isn't really what you want, since it'll show overall trends but hide specific spikes.

Another way to do this is to just plot the count, but use a Range sub-aggregation and define the ranges you expect to see. This is a bit manual, but it'll let you see values within certain ranges, as well as values that exceed a range. So, say you know that 200ms is the upper limit, this would at least allow you to highlight response times that are above that number, as well as show maybe 0-100, 100-150, 150-200, for example.

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