Kibana visualization without aggregation

Hi ,
I have a data that is indexed in elasticSearch which is taken from log file through logstash.
My log file has certain data, like the various steps in a batch process with the associated time taken for each step of the batch process.

For Ex (in the log files) :
Step : Some Step 1 timeTaken: 1000 secs
Step : Some Step 2 timeTaken: 2000 secs
Step : Some Step 3 timeTaken: 3000 secs

I would like to visualize the above data in Kibana either using Line Chart or Pie Chart or Vertical Chart. As far as i can see in Kibana, its all about aggregations. Can we have a simple chart which would visualize my data in the logs

I hope i made myself clear. Please do let me know if otherwise.

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Chaitanya Varanasi

To visualize response time over time, you should parse/index that piece of data a separate numerical field using Logstash prior to operating on it with Kibana. After that, you can use the Visualize tab to build the chart. For instance, to plot response time over time on a Line Chart, you'll need to select average response time field in the Y-axis and to bucket the X-axis using the "Date Histogram" aggregation (see screenshot).

Hi Tanya,
Thanks a lot for your response. However, the example you have given me (thanks for that) would do an aggregation on the data i have on my log (Average, in the example). However, my logs contains the exact times each individual step takes (Please note that from logstash, i have configured the timeTaken field to be a numeric field, which signifies the amount of time in seconds.

I would just need to plot a simple chart which would plot my step (For Ex: Some Step 1, in my example) with the amount of time it took. That way, i could visualize a comparitive study on the each steps of my batch process. Hope i am clear with what i intend to do

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Chaitanya Varanasi

In that case, if I understand your use case correctly, your steps should be in a numeric field as well, and you should configure "Histogram", field="step", interval=1 on the X-Axis.

Hi Tanya,
Thanks a lot for your prompt reply. In order to make things simple, i would want to have the "Step", a string, like "Step X" , as the X-axis and the timeTaken to be on the Y-axis . As i can see that the Y-axis in Kibana is always an Aggregation function (like max/min/count/average).

I hope i am clear with my explanation and thanks again for your time on this issue.

Thanks and Regards,
Chaitanya Varanasi

I don't think there is a way to do exactly what you're describing. The closest I can think of is the approach I recommended earlier:

  • Y-axis = Avg(timeTaken)
  • X-axis = Histogram over numerical step with interval = 1

Perhaps others have more ideas.

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