Line Chart Visualization for Nginx Request and Response Time

Hi Team,
I have nginx log which contains request time and response time. I have configured Filebeat which sends the nginx logs to logstash and logstash parse the log and stores in Elasticsearch,

I want to create a Line Chart visualization which displays the request and response time as Y axis and timestamp as X-axis. The Line chart should contain only the values read from Nginx, not the Aggregated value(average,sum or count)

Hi, you can make a scripted field that gives the sum of request + response time, and make a visualization. For the Y-Axis, choose max of that scripted field, and it will plot the max value per time bucket.

Is it possible to have multiple Y axis to display the value of request and response time as it is. I dont want to add the request and response time.

Yes, you can have multiple Y-Axis, or multiple metric series in the line chart. Inside the "Metrics" box in the visualize editor, click "Add":

Here's a screenshot from the documentation:

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