Plotting a multi line - line graph in Kibana 4 to depict response time of distinct NGINX APIs

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Hey Guys ,

My aim is to design a line chart for NGINX access log , line chart should posses the reponse time of distinct URIs from access log as distinct line on single line chart and should be plotted against the duration.

Somehow, i am not able to find a way to work it out , currently the problem is that KIbana is visualising the line chart for multiple APIs as a single line. Kindly suggest whether this can be done with Kibana existing features or do i need to write some customisation for KIbana.

(Kamil) #2

If I understand correctly you need to use filters. For every filter type simple query for specific API.

I think there should be also option to differentiate every different API call but I didn't try this yet.

(Ritesh Sharma) #3

Hey Kamil ,

We have achieved required visuals already after some googling ...may be i posted too early without exploring split line thing .

Anyways thanks for reply buddy . :slight_smile:

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