Is there is any way to calculate percentage of search match in ES?

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One thing is on the basis of max score of the obtained result. For
example I have priorityMatchAccountName “General Electric” which
will search on primaryFileIndex. For the result which is obtained,
there are following two cases.

Case:1 suppose primaryFileIndex contain “General Electric” and other
one “General Aircraft Engineering “. if want to take decision on the
basis if max score then in this case we got correct search for
“General Electric” which found on primaryFileIndex.

Case:2 if primaryFileIndex not contain “General Electric “only
contain “General Aircraft Engineering “ or other in this case if we
see on max score value we got search value for “General Electric ”is “
General Aircraft Engineering ”,which is incorrect search.

So conclusion drawn is that we can’t take a decision on the basis of
max score.
My question to you how to calculate percentage of match if we have
only one single records or even in case we have multiple records?
I am using query string DSL for search.


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