Is this the best way to compare and enrich two datasets?

Hi I have a similar use case to this: Compare two datasets

However, we are an e-commerce platform and are looking to flag data from bad sellers/buyers instead of IP addresses. So we have a list of basically banned addresses, business names, etc.

We basically get a ton of logs that are submissions and shipments and payments etc and we were hoping to enrich the data to flag and visualize the suspicious stuff.

I was thinking of breaking each column into its own dictionary file then adding a new flag for each field we check (e.g. banned_address: true, banned_business: true).

Would doing this be the best way or is there a better way? Also as we update the dictionary files, would old data be automatically re-indexed or would we have to trigger that somehow?

I am pretty new to advanced usage of ELK so just looking for some light suggestions to get me started thanks!

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