Issue creating Countbeat aarch64

Hi, guys.

Apologies if this is not appropriate, I just feel like I'm falling over at the first hurdle...

I'm following the tutorial Create your own beat but when it comes to actually building it I am getting no where...

When I get to this step Fetching dependencies and setting up the beat I get an error:

'docker-compose 1.23.1 has requirement PyYAML<4, >=3.10, but you'll have pyyaml 4.2b1 which is incompaible'

The only hint this is an error, is that the text isin red, it does continue to "build" but a countbeat executable is not produced... I have searched extensively on the forum and I cannot find a similar issue.

Any help or pointers in the right direction would be appreciated, I have done as much as I can to ensure I have PyYAML 3.10+ installed, but I cannot find a reference to pyyaml 4.2b1 on my machine.

For reference I'm trying to build on aarch64

I was able to produce the executable by running
$ go build in the countbeat folder ($GOPATH/src/{user}/countbeat/). I'm confused why I had to run this.

Also the Makefile in $GOPATH/src/{user}/countbeat/Makefile doesn't appear to have anything that suggests it produces an executable. when I run $ make nothing happens. Am I missing something obvious?

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