Issue importing geojson csa boundaries

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Im following the blog post How to map custom boundaries in Kibana with reverse geocoding | Elastic and trying to import the csa geojson file i converted (using FME).
Somehow at the end of the import nothing shows up ... during the import and index creation i can visualize the data but in the end it blows ... layer is not added , greyed 'add layer' btn and nothing shows in map ... when looking at the indice created it has with zero docs and no pattern available.

im using BASIC one single-node 7.1.1 es and kib.

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How are you loading/ ingesting?

Can you post your mappings and perhaps a small geojson shape?

hi @jvidin ,

the blog post uses the shapefile from the Census Bureau website (

I used QGIS to convert it to geojson. See csba · GitHub

You can upload this into Maps using the "upload geojson" functionality.

Thanks @thomasneirynck ,

So i find that the issue observed is when trying to load the county layer not the cbsa from tutorial.

The ofender is 'cb_2018_us_county_500k' after shp to json using both FME or QGIS, kibana or the file-upload-plugin dislikes some of the polygons aparently, and all seem to be OGC valid.

File parse error(s) detected: Error: Some features without geometry omitted
Formats accepted: .json, .geojson
Max size: 50.0 MB
Coordinates must be in EPSG:4326 coordinate reference system.


What about this file, after the QGIS conversion: csba · GitHub

I took your gist , did not convert from qgis ... can do will do ... will let you know how it goes.

Hi ,
All fine.. there is no issue after exporting the to geojson from qgis and after doing the upload GeoJson in Kibana.


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