Issue in generating PDF of canvas report in 8.7

We have created parameterized canvas reports, wherein we are using group filters, as shown below (in the expression editor)

filters group="timeFilter" | embeddable config="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" type="lens" | render

When we select any time range for the last 30 days, all the visualizations are correctly loading on the canvas. But when we are trying to generate a PDF of the report, it's not generating.

The error coming is:

ReportingError(code: queue_timeout_error) "Max attempts reached (20). Queue timeout reached."

On the other hand, when we select the time range as last month, then reports are correctly generated, without any errors.

Hello @bhavya,

I don't know if I understand correctly, but the reports work for 'last month' but not for a period of 30 days?

The error message you're receiving indicates a timeout issue during PDF generation. This error typically occurs when the process spans a large amount of data, causing Kibana to exceed the xpack.reporting.queue.timeout limit.

You can try increasing the xpack.reporting.queue.timeout report setting in your kibana.yml file. By default, it is set to 4 minutes (4m).

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Hello @Priscilla_Parodi ,

This setting, xpack.reporting.queue.timeout: 10m, is present in my Kibana config but still the PDF generation is not working for the last 30 days/last 7 days.

My Kibana config is:

xpack.reporting.enabled: true
xpack.reporting.encryptionKey: "***"
xpack.reporting.queue.timeout: 10m
xpack.reporting.capture.timeouts.openUrl: 5m
xpack.reporting.capture.timeouts.waitForElements: 5m
xpack.reporting.capture.timeouts.renderComplete: 15m
xpack.reporting.capture.maxAttempts: 20
xpack.reporting.capture.loadDelay: 120s
xpack.reporting.capture.networkPolicy.enabled: true
xpack.reporting.kibanaServer.hostname: "kibana01"
xpack.reporting.roles.enabled: false
xpack.reporting.roles.allow: ["***"]
xpack.task_manager.max_workers: 25

It only worked for the last Month's time range

Hello @bhavya,

Thank you for sharing the config. You can add even more time if necessary, but I have a few questions.

Could you please share your query to retrieve data from the last 30 days and the last 7 days?

Could you also share the query you're currently using to filter by the last month?

By running a _search, how many documents are retrieved for each of these queries?

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