Issue post upgrade from version 0.90.5 to 0.9.10

We are planning on upgrade from 0.90.5 to 0.90.10 in our live environment.
Prior to that we want to do the same in the test environment. Please find
below the environment, upgrade steps and post upgrade issue detail


  • Master Only (no data node) - 3
  • data only nodes - 3
  • version 0.90.5

Upgrade step

  Not planning to have any down time and so followed the under 

mentioned steps while having the cluster up and running

  • upgraded the data nodes to 0.90.10 one by one
  • upgraded the eligible master nodes to 0.90.10 one by one
  • upgraded the master node to 0.90.10

The upgrade was successful without any impact to the application.

Post upgrade, the following issue keeps occurring

On accessing the plugin head url, there will be no data beyond the cluster
overview section (no index, nodes, shard details). But if you access the
browser tab, the index does exist. Also I see the following error

[2014-02-04 22:40:15,518][DEBUG][]
[] failed to execute on
node [ict1HABCQC-wGK3VvIHhXA]

On restarting the data node with this issue, the cluster will come back
normally. But after a while the same issue happens.

Any pointers?

health: green (6, 1)ElasticSearch
Structured Query [+]
Any Request [+]
Cluster Overview
New Index
Sort Cluster

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