Issue starting Elasticsearch on windows

elasticsearch cmd closes rapidly on double-clicking elasticsearch.bat. How can I please stop this and make it work as outlined in the elasticsearch docs?

Please provide additional details. Is any error shown? Is there anything in the logs? What does your configuration look like?

Hi thanks for responding. There is no error shown, the cmd window flashes for about a third of a second and closes

Windows10, Java 1.8 u71, Elasticsearch 2.1.1

You should really call the ES batch file from within a CMD window, not double clicking it.

I did try to call ES from cmd but got the screenshot above! Made certain my Java_Home path set correctly but issue persists

Having the same issue, and Elasticsearch worked a few days ago, but now I'm getting the same above error.

Try .\elasticsearch.bat, or ./elasticsearch.bat, I dunno which works with Windows.

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Does files with the .bat filename need be run in cmd? I would think one just runs elasticsearch provided you are in the elasticsearch bin directory.

Any updates, please??

Completely cleared and reset my environment variables. On downloading and running Elasticsearch 2.2.0 everything ran beautifully, so I compared the .bat files with that of Elasticsearch 2.1.1's to see if there was any differences- there was. But on running the ES.2.1.1 files, it worked.
I suppose my environment variables needed a bit of housekeeping