Issue with Date Filter in Timelion (Kibana 6.8), TODAY starts at 9AM


I'm really new to the Elastic Stack and I'm currently working on some dashboards that will rely on time series built using Timelion.

I'm working on Kibana 6.8 and I have a totally unexpected issue: whenever I select TODAY, or TODAY SO FAR in the date picker, my timeline always starts at 9AM. If I revert back to LAST N HOURS or any other time filters (absolute or not), the data comes back to normal. But this is very annoying because I would ilke to lock the "TODAY" filter on my dashboard.

For example, with TODAY SO FAR :


I don't understand what can cause this. Do you have any idea?

Thanks a lot for your help,


Hi Anthony,

Have you configured the dateformat:tz setting in Kibana?

It might be this bug which appears to only have been fixed in version 7.6.

Hello Nick,

Thanks a lot for your fast response.
For now, I kept the default settings here, meaning "Browser".

But just right now I tried to update it to "Europe/Paris" for example, but it still starts at 9AM :frowning:

So potentially no workaround here except bumping to a more recent version of Kibana which is not possible for me at the moment unfortunately?


Hi Anthony,

Unfortunately, I do not see a workaround for this bug in Timelion.

Is it possible to create your visualization using a different application like TSVB?

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