Issue with Query string query

Hi all,

I am using query string query to evaluate a boolean expression.

Here is my query,

    "query": {
        "query_string" : {
            "query" : "((A=User) AND((B=rsana) OR(C=rsana)OR(D=rsana)))",


The above query is giving undesired results, it is suppose to give fields with rsana substring in it. instead it gives me all records with any of these alphabets in it "r","s","a","n".
And if i use *rsana*, that is if i use wild cards, i get no results.

Does any one have idea about this.


Can you please add steps to replicate the issue. This will include dsl for following:

  1. create an index
  2. index sample documents
  3. query (which you have already added)

and expected documents in result.

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