Issues collecting data from Windows servers

Hi Forum
Just a Noobie for this kind of setup - but linuxnerd for +30 years - I have build a server with Elasticsearch/Kibana and Logstash -and are running into some issues.

From Linux - I can collect the data/logs and visualize it through Elastich/Kibana - and all Linux servers are delievering data - But I cannot manage to get the Windows servers to deliever the Data.
I had some issue with the configuration of the filebeat on windows -but now its running - but cannot see any logs inside the ServerGUI - and are not showing any type of contact to the server

My Config for filebeat.yml looks like this:

- type: log
  enabled: true
    #- /var/log/*.log
   - C:/ProgramData/Filebeat/Logs

  hosts: ["FQDN:5044"]

And I have enabled the IIS and MySQL since these are the 2 services running on this server
(But afterwards I have several more Windows Servers that needs to be added - but I would like to see data from this server before continuing)

- module: iis
   #Access logs
   enabled: true
     enabled: true

- module: mysql
    #Error logs 
    enabled: true

#Slow logs
   enabled: true

Can anybody see my mistakes or help me further on for collecting these data from WIndows? Since I cannot see these logsentries anywhere on my Server

Thanks in advance

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