Issues Moving Elasticsearch and Kibana to new server (with all existing custom indexes and dashboards)

Hello there,

I am working on a large ec2 ubuntu instance where I manually downloaded and installed elasticsearch and kibana (I didn't use docker) . I connected my stack with external data sources and made a lot of custom dashboard on kibana based on the incoming data that I indexed using elasticsearch.

I now want to move my application stack to another server (not by taking an AMI image) outside of amazon and I am having trouble to do so. Is it possible to save the preconfigured elasticsearch with all the custom indexes I made as well as the kibana dashboards so that I can launch them in another server without the associated data that has been indexed.

I do not want to move the entire application as it has over 500GB worth of data. I just want to move the custom elasticsearch and kibana platform with all the custom configuration so that they are ready to ingest and visualize the new incoming data as they were doing before without rebuilding the entire dashboards and creating the indexes once again.

I hope this is clear :smile:

some help would be greatly appreciated

I guess you would like to run a snapshot from your old cluster and restore in the new one.
Would that work for you?

the issue is that i do no want restore the entire database data with the ec2 instance (theres around 500GB of data) . My question is, if there is a method where all the custom elasticsearch indexes configuration and custom kibana dashboard can be extracted and saved in order to be installed into any running server (kinda similar to docker in a way). Is it possible to achieve this without the need of cloning the entire aws server??

What do you mean by custom elasticsearch indexes configuration ? Is it ingest pipelines?

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You can run something like:

GET /indexnames*/_settings

And copy that to the new cluster.

I also mean the custom dashboards (there are about 50 custom dashboards) that I built, elasticsearch configuration files , the kibana configuration files and integrations with metricbeat, filebeat, packetbeat. There many custom changes i did (including changing logo and ssl changes) and was asking do I have to redo all of it again including the dashboards or is there a quicker way to save it and relaunch it on another server. I hope this is clear @dadoonet @leandrojmp

It is still not clear what custom elasticsearch indexes configuration means, can you give an example?

If you are talking about elasticsearch.yml file or other yml file you will need to copy the file over, the dashboards and data views can be exported and imported in Kibana.

It depends on what you changed and how, for example changing the logo is not supported, it was never supported, there was some hacks to change it, but it is now a paid enterprise feature.

Depending on which version you are using you will not be able to change it anymore using any of the old hacks to do that.

But basically any change you made on any file you will need to copy, the Kibana objecets (data views, visualizations and dashboards) can be exported and imported.

What version are you using?

Maybe I have to focus my question on one area to make it more clearer. Apologies if my question was too broad . For example how can i move my custom kibana dashboards that I built on Kibana over to new server without cloning the entire ec2 instance or server. is there a way to do this?

There's a Kibana export feature which is available from the Kibana UI. I'd recommend downloading the export and import it in the new cluster.

can you provide me with how i can do this

It is in Kibana, just go to Stack Management > Kibana > Saved Objects.

There you can export everything you have in Kibana like dashboards, visualizations, data views etc, it will export everything to a .ndjson file that you can then load in the new Kibana going to the same page.

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