Moving preconfigured Elasticsearch and kibana (with custom indexes and dashboards) to another server

Hello there,

I am working on a large ec2 ubuntu instance where I manually downloaded and installed elasticsearch and kibana (I didn't use docker) . I connected my stack with external data sources and made a lot of custom dashboard on kibana based on the incoming data that I indexed using elasticsearch.

I now want to move my application stack to another server (not by taking an AMI image) outside of amazon and I am having trouble to do so. Is it possible to save the preconfigured elasticsearch with all the custom indexes I made as well as the kibana dashboards so that I can launch them in another server without the associated data that has been indexed.

I do not want to move the entire application as it has over 500GB worth of data. I just want to move the custom elasticsearch and kibana platform with all the custom configuration so that they are ready to ingest and visualize the new incoming data as they were doing before without rebuilding the entire dashboards and creating the indexes once again.

I hope this is clear :smile:

some help would be greatly appreciated

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