Issues with 2.4.1 compatible plugins


I'm trying to find the 2.4.1 compatible versions of various plugins like cloud-aws and anaylsis-icu. The 2.4 documentation doesn't list any download links for 2.4.1:

And for the marvel 2.4.1 plugin I'm getting "ERROR: Could not find plugin descriptor '' in plugin zip" when using the download link:

Any help appreciated.



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Why not using

bin/plugin install marvel



We do all of our installs via chef and host the installer files on a nexus repo.

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Oh. I see now the doc issue.
I'll fix that.

For example ICU 2.4.1 should be:

Thanks for raising that issue.

For marvel, can you try with a zip at the end?
I'm on a mobile phone ATM and can't check by myself.


The ICU 2.4.1 link you provided works.

For marvel ( this issue isn't that I can't download the file but rather that when I try to install it I get:

ERROR: Could not find plugin descriptor '' in plugin zip

For the AWS plugin ( I tried changing it to 2.4.1 in the filename but there is no such file.

Thanks for your help,


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You probably did a mistake. This works well:

Here is the right link for marvel agent:

BTW just run bin/plugin install marvel-agent --verbose and you will know the right URL.

And I just pushed a change for the doc which will fix the documentation error you reported any time soon:

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