Issues with GeopIP resolution

I have issues with GeoIP resolution

I have a Google Cloud IP address that resolves in Elasticsearch to

    "geo" : {
      "continent_name" : "North America",
      "country_iso_code" : "US",
      "location" : {
        "lon" : -97.822,
        "lat" : 37.751
    "host" : {
      "external_ip" : ""

But that address resolves to Singapore in every other IP lookup

Even in maxMind db demo

which should be used by default in ES

es version : 7.9.2 says US

I believe the Elastic Stack bundles the free GeoLite2 database, which is not as accurate as the full commercial version they provide. I would expect the latter one to power their demo website. If the accuracy is not sufficient I believe you can license the commercial version from MaxMind and use this instead.


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