Issues with plugins and Kibana 6.3

I use a very simple plugin to display traffic lights in Kibana. It is working perfectly with Kibana 6.0 and 6.1. But breaks Kibana 6.3.

The source code is available here:

To be more precise here:

import {CATEGORY} from 'ui/vis/vis_category';
import {VisFactoryProvider} from 'ui/vis/vis_factory';
import {VisTypesRegistryProvider} from 'ui/registry/vis_types';
import {VisSchemasProvider} from 'ui/vis/editors/default/schemas';

function TestVisProvider(Private) {
const VisFactory = Private(VisFactoryProvider);
const Schemas = Private(VisSchemasProvider);

return VisFactory.createAngularVisualiza...

It looks like VisSchemasProvider is undefined and I don't understand why.

I don't get any error in the Kibana server part but only in the browser console.

I am a little bit lost there and any help would be appreciated. There are multiple plugins with traffic lights but this one has the advantage to be double splitted (Vertically and horizontally) which is really useful in order to monitor a lot of processes for example.



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Ok Found it. I will post it there for the others.

There is no need to use the VisSchemaProvider, it is possible to instantiate Schemas directly like this:


import {VisSchemasProvider} from 'ui/vis/editors/default/schemas';


import {Schemas} from 'ui/vis/editors/default/schemas';

And remove the const Schemas = Private(VisSchemasProvider) line.

I will make a 6.3 branch of the plugin.




Glad you got it working, and thanks for posting your solution to help others.

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