Item url {{key}} error in time series visualization


In time series visual builder I created a table with the first column displaying string values. The data for which comes from field name called 'cities'.

Next I modified the Item Url field under Panel Options to enter "". Now when I click on any of the strings in the first column it takes me to as desired.

Next I tried to leverage the {{key}} mustache template and modified Item Url to replace the google link with "{{cities}}", where cities is the field name populating the first column. This does not work. I see an error which says - error: "cities" not defined in [object Object]

Any suggestions on what's wrong with my usage?
Using version 6.6.2


Does{{key}} work? I tried something similar in 7.2. I think {{key}} in the instructions needs to be taken literally here. :slight_smile:

Using {{key}} in the instructions literally worked. :slight_smile:
Thanks for the help.

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