Kibana url format bug in visualization

Base on version 8.5.3
I know this bug has been mentioned before, but I think I have a new scenario:

  • Create a field 'X' as string. In the index you will find 'X' and 'X.keyword'
  • add url formatting to BOTH fields template: https://whatever/{{value}}
  • add a document where 'X' = 'something'
  • view 'X' in discover. Result URL = OK: https://whatever/something
  • create visualization type datatable and add Terms-> X.keyword. Result URL = NOK: kibana-address/app/something

So there is a difference how Kibana builds the URL. Not sure if it is related to the type of the field ('X' or 'X.keyword') or the type of the visualization (Discover or aggregated vz).

Icreated a bug report Kibana URL format bug in visualization · Issue #152641 · elastic/kibana · GitHub

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