Java 17 support for elasticsearch 6.6.0

Hi. I'm using elasticsearch version 6.6.0. Now I want to upgrade from java 8 to java 17. Can I expect this version to work fine with java 17? Or I would need to upgrade my elasticsearch client before moving to java 17?

Elasticsearch 6.6 is very old and has been EOL a very long time. I would recommend upgrading.

As per the official support matrix Elasticsearch 6.6. does not support Java 17, so you would need to upgrade at least to Elasticsearch 6.8 (ideally at least the latest 7.17 release).

Elasticsearch 6.6. is EOL and no longer supported. Please upgrade ASAP.

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Hi. Thanks for the reply. My question was regarding the client side (our backend) but form the matrix I see it applies to both. So we need to upgrade the client to 6.8 at least.
Does it means we also need to upgrade the server to 6.8?
In general, the server and client must match their versions?

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