Javascript frameworks + elasticsearch

elasticsearch and its aggregations are pretty perfect for use in a single-page-app type scenario. I'm curious to know what frameworks people are using?

I've built an app on the server-side that uses elasticsearch results processed and jsonified by python/flask. On the client side, it's using javascript and handlebars to parse and present the data. That works fine, but I want to take it one step further and go full SPA to make it even speedier.

I've been tinkering with ember (since handlebars, which I really like, is rolled into it)...but it seems unnecessarily rigid in the way it deals with data models. And quite honestly I think the whole setup is overbuilt with its dizzying array of concepts like routes, models, controllers, components, adapters, services, helpers, templates and serializers. You need to employ many of those just to get data to show up on the screen. But I have only really scratched the surface, so by no means can I condemn it with authority!

I know the learning curve for frameworks is quite steep, so I'm just looking for guidance on where people have had success in terms of a front-end for ES. Any input appreciated.

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