JDBC Driver: how use the _job mentioned in the doc?

Hi there,

I have setup a river to get a Mysql table:

"type": "jdbc",
"jdbc": {
"strategy": "simple",
"autocommit": true,
"poll": "1m",
"driver": "com.mysql.jdbc.Driver",
"url": "jdbc:mysql://localhost:1234/dbname",
"user": "",
"password": "",
"sql": "SELECT log_id as _id, site_id, channel_id, entry_id,
member_id, type, action, url, ip, user_agent, DATE_FORMAT(date_log,
'%Y-%m-%dT%TZ') as date_log, site_embed FROM statistics_buffer"
"index": {
"index": "myindex",
"type": "stats-downloads"

It's working great, but it runs the river on all the table on every poll,
making a huge traffic on my db server (I have more than 2millions rows in
that table). So I see that I could add a _job column to my table. I thought
that the river would right something in it when poll is completed, but the
column remains null.

Is it possible to ask to the river to write something in that column, like
that I can filter on that column on the next run?



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