Jest vs. Elasticsearch Java Rest API Client for Elasticsearch 6.00

We are looking forward to use Elasticsearch (6.0) for our search use cases. We have come across the following Java based elastic search clients for api operations -

  • Jest
  • Elastic Search Rest API

We plan to use AWS managed Elasticsearch cluster for infrastructure.

Is there any recommendation from the team on the java client library given the maturity of the API ?
Would there be anything missing in Elasticsearch Rest API but available in Jest?


The most mature is the TransportClient IMO.
BUT if you think about the future, this client will be retired in the future and you should consider instead the REST Client. Not as mature but lot of needed APIs for most use cases are here.
And you have access to the Low Level client in case something you need is missing.

For example, I wrote some code here for my own needs that extend the High Level Client:

My 2 cents.

The JEST client has far fewer dependencies than any of the official
Elasticsearch clients. If jar hell is an issue, than JEST is the way to go.
I use it in production, and it works flawlessly.

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