JMS input plugin perfromance

Any help appreciated!
I am used JMS input plugin, to read from ActiveMQ topic. The JMS input plugin works, but it seems to only get a fraction of messages, I do not get all the messages from the topic. It seems I only get about 10% of the messages.

I have also configured STOMP with the ActiveMQ topic. This seems to work better, I get all the messages as they come.

I am keen to get JMS input plugin working, as I need to read the ActiveMQ message header and properties fileds and I do not see this as an option in STOMP.

Is there any reason all messages would not come through via JMS input plugin?

Any ideas?

Is this behavior to be expected?

I changed the "runner" field within the jms input configuration from consumer to async and now I see all the messages appearing at the same rate as they appear in Hermes.

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