Joining two indexes in elasticsearch

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I have one index having one column as primary key and some other fields while second index also have same primary key and some new column(which is not there in first index)
How Can i create third index which have all fields of first index plus additonal field of second index based on primary key matching.

Since ES is nosql so cant apply joins .So Please suggest solution.Nothing i found by doing R&D.

Pls suggest.

I think that the new enrich processor that has been released with 7.5 will be helpful.

Hi @dadoonet Please let us know What is the name of feature/processor which can do joining of 2 indexes based on some common id in 7.5


You can use the reindex API to read documents from index A, define a pipeline which uses the enrich processor by looking in index B and write the result to index C.

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