Json files from a voip switch

Greetings members,
I have a voip switch(Freeswitch) which generates json files for each call in a directory. Directory contains files like below.

Whereas data in files consists of multiple json objects. I want to see data in these files in kibana.
Could someone please give me some pointers how to get started.
I am new to elasticsearch and totally blind which way i should go.

Best Regards.

you can use file beat to Index data in elasticsearch and then you can query them or aggregate them in Kibana.

If there is one single doc per file you can give a look at FSCrawler which can do that.

Thanks, but this sends the whole file as it, can i modify some part of json file, i.e, i want to show only few part of whole json file.

Will filebeat automatically detect the new files created in the directory? Its actually one document per file.

You can use an ingest pipeline if you want to remove some fields.

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