.keyword field not filled?

Hi folks,

Running elk 6.7 here.
I have these indexes. 2 from different applications. These applications use the same logstash cluster and this goes to the same elastic coördinating node.

Now I have these 2 indexes, let's call them cacheindex and apiindex

Both indexes partly get the same kind of data, grabbed from logging en distilled from the url's in there. I have more fields with issues, but will pick one for example. This fiield is to be used in visualizations to group on.

Now if I make a visualization for apiindex, I see the field api-version. Works as expected and data is grouped.

If I make a visualization for cache-index I see the field apiversion.keyword
If I use this one, I get no results. However when in kibane I look at the index (under 'discover') I see the api-version field and it is nicely filled with data.

When in kibana I go to index management I see for the apiindex only the api-version field. For the cache-index I see 2 fields, api-version and api-version.keyword.

Here's this apiversion field definitions, in the elastic template .

"api-version": {
                "type": "keyword",
                "norms": false
"api-version": {
        "type": "keyword",
        "norms": false

Looks just the same.

This is the field definition in the grok match in logstash template: (?<api-version>[\d\.]+)
Again, the same for both indices.

Where is this difference come from and, more important, how do I fix this?

funny, when I go to add a scripted field, and do a preview of the filed with doc['api-version'].value I get results from the apiindex. However in the cacheindex I get no results with doc['api-version.keyword'].value or with doc['api-version'].value

However, stil, under 'discover' in kibana I see the api-version field filled. I can use to field in a filter and can add it as a column in the search results.

I am kind of stunned.

Thnx in advance for any help

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