.keyword field not working & how can i split sentence?

i crawling news from https://www.fastcompany.com, and i put it on kibana with JSON form

but .keyword field is missing... as you can see pic[2]

my json file is here.

my question is..

Q1. what do i to normalization of the .keyword field ? is there any mistakes?

Q2. when i figure Q1, how can i split sentense from .keyword field?

i use elastic cloud.

Hey @da02d4d6e86247f19849, the description.keyword field is an unanalyzed string field of type keyword, if you're using the default dynamic mappings then it's configured to ignore text that is over 256 characters, which is why you aren't able to do a terms aggregation on it.

If you use description then it's going to be an analyzed text field which is already "split" by words using the standard analyzer.

Also, if you wish to do terms aggregations on the analyzed field's terms, you'll want to enable fielddata.

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